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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

London has the PEDALBUS! Thanks Bethia for the link! [London Evening Standard]

Drive time: the open-air pedalbus, which holds eight seats, takes its group of partygoers (including Dolly Alderton, top left) through the streets of London - it's also become a big hit among corporate clients

All aboard the Pedalbus

Dolly Alderton
18 Jul 2011 
You may have heard of a party bus but what about a pedalbus? Forget rickshaws, black cabs and bikes - the London pedalbus is the latest and most sociable way to travel.
Made from a platform on four tyres, the open aluminium structure holds eight bike seats with pedals. Passengers power the vehicle by pushing the pedals while a driver stands at the front to steer and use the brakes. The fun bit is the way the seats are laid out - passengers sit around a bar while wine and beer is poured for them to enjoy as they travel.


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