The Challenge
Everything has its begining. For me it was sitting in my car, in traffic, reflecting on the mornings ride. I had been yelled at to get off the road, a drink thrown at me and missed by inches by another driver trying to "teach me a lesson". "Get off the road" they said. Quite a lot to think about as I'm stuck in traffic reading window stickers and bumper stickers advertising everything from our president to Billy Bobs favorite motor oil. Can you relate?

I don't care about Billy Bobs favorite motor oil but I still remember it. What I care about is letting everyone who drives a vehicle know that bicycles are allowed to use the full lane in many circumstances and if a cyclist is in the lane for their own safety then the driver must change lanes to pass. 

So I did some research and come to find out, window and bumper stickers are one of the most effective forms of advertisements that reach DRIVERS. People behind the wheel while they are driving. Bumper stickers are right up there with the effectiveness of billboards when related to drivers.

So what if we had 1,000,000 cars with "Bicycles Allowed Use Of Full Lane, Change Lanes To Pass" with a million window and bumper stickers driving around all day? The statistics show that the message will be read by millions and millions of drivers.  
That's a message many of us would like drivers to get.

Are there a million bicyclists that care about getting the word out? We think so and we're going to find out. We are committed to the effort.

I challenge you to help us make a difference. Join "The Million Car Challenge" and help us put the message in front of drivers as they are driving. Join us in our campaign to spread the word.

Bicycles Allowed Use Of Full Lane. Change Lanes To Pass.

Quick note on the design. BMUFL Bicycles May Use Full Lane regulatory sign and BAUFL Bicycles Allowed Use Of Full Lane warning sign. The message is about the same. The yellow warning style signs are in use in many locations and the white regulatory style signs are now approved with MUTCD. The campaign is about getting the message out to drivers everywhere we drive our cars. On web sites and print advertising. It's about letting drivers know that we do in fact have the right to operate on the road. As we succeed maybe we'll see a push for more BMUFL and BAUFL signs on the roadway. It's up to you. 

Thankyou for supporting The Million Car Challenge and spreading the word that bicycles are allowed to use the road!