SNIKE training, not to be confused with SNIPE training

The SNIKE Trainer is a bike with a twist. It bends where no regular bike should ever bend: in the middle of the frame! In order to stabilize the bike, all parts of the body have to work together. That challenges balance, core strength and coordination all at the same time.
Anybody can ride the SNIKE on our specialized stationary trainer, and advanced riders will want to try it free-form outside. No worries, there is no complicated exercise to remember! The Snike Trainer gives you feedback to help you use the correct movement sequence at all times. It is not only great fun, it has also been shown to have a multitude of beneficial effects including:
•Improved activation of the deep low back muscles, the lack of activity of which is largely responsible for chronic low back pain.
•Improved side-to-side back muscle balance, which is especially beneficial for people with scoliosis or a difference in leg length
•Improved activation and coordination of core stabilizing muscles, especially the abdominal muscles
•Improved posture and body awareness, which helps with injury prevention and leads to improved athletic performance
•Improved communication between the two halves of the brain which is especially helpful for children with developmental challenges as well as patients with brain injuries.

Snike from Centered in Motion on Vimeo.