A Dayglo Single-Speed Bike Made Only From Recycled Plastic

With bike design, it's almost impossible to produce something entirely new because the basic format has been perfected over 100 years. Leave it to a design student to shake things up with an altogether different take on the urban bike -- a groovy, multicolored ride made from plastic with shutter-shade slats.

As a student at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Art Design, Dror Peleg developed the Frii as an alternative to traditional metal bikes, which are relatively labor intensive to make. His version is injection molded from recycled plastic, which, he claims, is better suited to places with limited manufacturing resources and capabilities. The process is certainly streamlined: Peleg placed the bearings into the mold before injecting the plastic, and the tires were injected over the rim. Since the 20-inch tires are plastic, they never go flat; the fork is short to add strength; and a pyramid-shaped crank contributes some stability.

We wouldn’t pit the Frii against a Schwinn in a strength and endurance test, but we’re fans of the ugly-in-a-good-way, overgrown-kid aesthetic. (If you're wearing one of these necklaces at the same time, you'd look fab.) If nothing else, Google should order the bike in its logo colors and make it the official company ride.

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