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Thursday, August 25, 2011

EVOC bike travel bag


Bike travel bag for trips by plane, car, or train. No matter if roadbike, XC-, FR-, DH- or enduro bike- everything is safely stored ready-to-go within mere minutes. Only the handlebar, the pedals and the wheels need to be dismounted.

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1. 100% protection
2. Quickly packed
3. Easy to handle

W8 600 g
S130 cm x 80 cm x 27 cm (inside: 128 cm x 78 cm x 25 cm)
MP 600/D PU coated, Tarpaulin

  • Bike travel bag for trips by plane, car or train
  • Fits all DH-, FR-, XC-, and ROAD-Bikes
  • Full protection, quickly packed and easy to carry

  • Fits also for 29“
  • Reinforced axis push-through protection
  • Front GFK reinforcement
  • Including frame cushion pad

Reinforced fork adapter: the tubes are supplied with two extra buckles and padding which are mounted on a rigid-foam block; the fork ends are provided with double protection from below by means of a specially reinforced plastic plate.
Extra wide carriage: tilt-protected, impact-resistant carriage with durable, soft skate wheels and sealed bearings.
Side wheel compartments: pressure and impact are distributed to the tyres and rims by means of tube struts, so the brake disks are protected from warping.
Fits for MTB and roadbike

[EVOC website]


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