New Product Bean Spillage Commences… now

It's that time of year when all the hard work of the design and engineering chipmunks becomes real honest-to-goodness bike parts. We're real proud of all the new bits and we hope you'll dig them too. They'll all be displayed at the two big bicycle industry trade shows coming up here shortly: Eurobike (picture lots of faux-hawks, strategically bleached tight jeans, and bike parts) and at Interbike (picture lots of goatees, baggy shorts, dudes saying "Brah!", and bike parts.) We wanted you to have a glimpse first - because we love you and would like a chance to get you in the back seat of our very large Amercian car.

So, what's the overall outlook? Sexy! (in the way that a Swiss Army Knife is sexy - or in the way that a really good pair of work boots is sexy).

We've got two new frames to show in the Ogre and the Moonlander. The Long Haul Trucker will now have a disc brake option for those of you so inclined. We've got new complete versions of the Troll, the Moonlander, and a new Pugsley build to augment the current one (that means they'll both be available.) There are a couple of new tire choices for yinz fat bike enthusiasts out there and we've made some changes to many of our current bike and frame models. Also new: The Long Haul Trucker and the Ogre will come in XXL - 24" for the Ogre and 64cm for the LHT. We've got Clownshoes, Black Floyds, MWODs, Nates, Marge Lites, Lady Fingers, Black Cats, Whistling Bung Holes, Husker-Dus, Husker-Don'ts (with or without the scooter stick!), and lots of good old American Chaos to spread over the whole sandwich.

Take my hand and we'll stroll through the new things - together...

Let me see the goods! -->


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