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Bike Crash Wiped Details; GPS Data Filled Them In [via NY Times]

WOODSIDE, Calif. — After racing and biking back roads on the San Francisco Peninsula for almost half a century without serious incident, on July 3 I crashed while riding downhill at more than 30 miles an hour. I knocked myself out, broke my nose and was left with lots of road rash and stitches on my face, as well as a deep gash above my knee that went all the way to the patella.
Mike Piper
Before GPS The writer at a criterium race in 1967 in San Jose, Calif. 
But when the paramedics picked me up and sent me to the hospital, I found that the worst thing I had sustained was a hole in my memory, lasting about 20 minutes. I had been riding by myself, and I had no idea what led me to crash.


  1. Interesting stuff.

    Keep wondering whether a high-end GPS (Garmin, etc.) is worth it. "Just another device to manage and power," I say to myself. But if it was waterproof and synced without a hitch to my Mac laptop, I'd be really tempted to use one.

    I think.


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