Bikepacking to Backcountry Huts in Colorado [via Bike Overnights]

Colorado is a beautiful state in which to play outdoors. There are so many activities depending upon the time of year. My husband, Dave, and I moved out here to ski in the winter and mountain bike in the summer. Friends of ours introduced us to ski touring to the backcountry huts maintained by the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association. Experiencing the serene beauty of the mountains in the winter was amazing, and having a luxurious hut for shelter was a major bonus.
A few years ago, we decided to try our hand at a summer hut trip with mountain bikes as our mode of transportation. The logistics were a little different than a winter tour as bikes aren't allowed in the wilderness areas. We had to carefully plan our route, and make sure our fitness level was good enough for the long mileage, high altitude and extra weight of our gear.