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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Coker Monster Cruiser - This one rolls on 36 inchers!

The first of its kind, the Coker Monster Cruiser is all about comfort and style. Big is the name of the game and it’s available in both men’s and women’s designs. It’s the world’s largest cruiser bicycle with massive 36-inch wheels, but its design makes it easy to ride. Gear ratio selections via the three-speed coaster-brake hub is another step toward easy riding, as it allows the rider to choose a low gear for steep inclines, or a higher gear for faster speeds on flat ground or downward slopes.
The double wall aluminum rims are plenty strong and are laced to the hubs with 48 stainless steel spokes, before being professionally trued. The Monster Cruiser features Coker’s button tread tires, and a classic springer seat for the vintage look. Wide (30-inch) handlebars offer comfortable cruising, and a front caliper brake offers assistance to the rear coaster brake. These monstrous bikes are available in two color offerings—red for the men’s version and white for the women’s model. Monster Cruisers are $699 and are shipped free to the continental U.S. and some assembly will be required, as the bike arrives in two boxes.


Anonymous said...

Coker also has a unicycle and penny-farthing based on the 36in wheel.

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