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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

REVERSE KEG RIDE is Saturday October 29, 2011 [PITTSBURGH]

Once again, that crisp Fall air means that the end of Pedal Pale Ale Season is drawing near.  As you may have heard, back in May about 450 of our GOOD FRIENDS came out to help deliver the first Pedal Pale Ale kegs of the season at our annual PEDAL PALE ALE KEG RIDE, and raised some nice money for charity at the same time!  And just like last year, we need to get the last of this year's empty Pedal Pale Ale kegs back to the brewery... which in my book is the perfect excuse for another bike ride!  (Okay, it's a pretty flimsy excuse, but work with me, okay?)
FIRST, A BIT ABOUT THE BEER: In case you've missed it so far this year, our summer seasonal, PEDAL PALE ALE is a crisp, American Pale Ale with a bright floral hop character, and a lighter body than its big brother (our flagship Big Hop IPA).  We change up the recipe a little bit every year to suit our ever shifting tastes, and to keep the release a little more interesting.  I believe it just might be THE PERFECT post-bike-ride beverage, but that's just my opinion.  And since this year's supply is winding down, we need to send it off in style...
THE RIDE:  After a Hot Breakfast at OTB Bicycle Cafe courtesy of OTB Bicycle Cafe (thanks guys!!!), we'll head off in a nice tight group.  Of course, the big difference is that unlike the KEG RIDE in the Spring, everybody knows where we're going on the REVERSE KEG RIDE... back to the brewery, just like last year...mostly.  Pretty much.  Kinda.  Yeah, sure.
And like last time, this ride is going legit, with permits, insurance, ride marshals, and complete lack of Friday evening rush-hour traffic.  And this time, we're also asking that you STAY BEHIND THE KEGS as we carefully wind our way back toward the brewery.  Like the Spring Keg Ride, this trip will be slow, meandering, and maybe even a little surprising, in spite of already knowing the destination.  When we arrive, we'll say goodbye to Pedal Pale Ale until next year, and raise a glass of SNOW MELT WINTER ALE to toast it's passing, on me of course.
A NEW TWIST: Since this year's Reverse Keg Ride lands so close to Halloween, let's mix it up a bit shall we, and make this ride COSTUME PREFERRED. And as a little encouragement, there will be prizes awarded in these three categories:
  1. Best Beer-themed Costume
  2. Best Pittsburgh-themed Costume
  3. Best Overall Costume
DIFFICULTY, PACE: There's no two ways about it.  Riding from OTB to EEBC is an uphill trip.  If you've not been on your bike for 3 years, this ride may not be for you.  But we'll do our best to keep the pace nice and gentle, and keep the group together...which will mean some waiting around for the quicker riders.  (Part of this route will include a long climb through Panther Hollow, but we plan to stop at the end of this climb and re-mass the group, and wait for any stragglers.)  Of course, the good news is that if you're heading back to the S. Side, it's almost entirely down hill.
Part of the route will be on roads with regular car traffic, a part of it will be on paved trails, and some will be unpaved but smooth gravel trails.  So really, any kind of bike/tires should work just fine.  And if you're needing to pick up a used bike for this event, check out FreeRide, a local bike organization that does some great work in the community. 
Saturday, October 29th. Rain or shine.
Breakfast and Check-in at 9:00am
Depart at 10:00, arrive at 11:00-11:30am
Prizes: Costume judging and beer-filled prizes will be awarded at our destination in each of the three categories.
Cost: $15 for pre-registration (on-line), $20 for Day-of-ride registration.
This charitable contribution gets you a continental breakfast, your morning coffee, a fun day of riding your bike in a big group... and this year's very first SNOW MELT WINTER ALE fresh from the brewery.  Not to mention all the silliness that comes with riding a bike in a Halloween costume!  And just maybe, we'll throw in a surprise or two.  Okay, at least one surprise.  Guaranteed.
Plus, know that your registration dollars go to support an excellent cause...
THE CAUSE: This year's beneficiary is the "Advisory Board on Autism and Related Disorders" (aka ABOARD), a non-profit agency, providing a lifeline of support for familoes and individuals with autism.  They do great work with modest resources, and although we've worked with them a bit in the past, this is their first time being our keg ride beneficiary.
HOW TO SIGN UP:  If the idea of dressing up in a costume and following kegs being pulled around town by bicycles (ridden by other people in costumes) sounds like the kind of thing that interests you, I have to say that you're our kind of people!  To ride along, you first need to REGISTER FOR THE RIDE by hitting that big blue button below.  Then show up at our starting point, OTB (here's a map to it) with your bike, get yourself checked-in, collect your "beer token" ...and then just follow the bouncing kegs when we head out.

Editor's note: I have done both the spring and fall ride and they are great fun and benefit a charity. Riding through Pittsburgh with a big group of cyclists is a great time especially if you drag your friends along for the ride : ).


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