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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Volagi: Combines high performance carbon road frames and disk brakes.

Volagi is the first cycling company to create a high performance carbon road bike with disk brakes.
High performance bikes capable of descending at 60 mph are currently inept at braking with any control. Imagine a sports car still using rubber pads on the rim for braking. Disk brakes perform consistently in wet, dry, hot and cold conditions; even with bent rims and broken spokes. Without rim calipers, you have the freedom to put on 28C tires and fenders for the rough conditions during those long winter months.
• Fully adjustable Avid BB7 road disk brakes
• Stainless Steel superlight weight AirRotor®, 160mm (f), 140mm (r)
We didn’t just slap on the disk brakes. We carefully engineered the hubs, rims, rotors and calipers to provide the best braking system without compromising weight and performance.


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