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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

For the love of bikes [Knight Arts] Detroit Art Scene

“TĂȘte de la Course,” the newest exhibition at Center Galleries and part of the College for Creative Studies, celebrates the world of the bicycle with photographs by Donald Dietz and custom-built bicycles by Detroit Artists Darrin Brouhard, Stephen Lambers Jr., Wayne Neeley and The EastSide Riders, Larry Parker, Neil Shaddox and Ted Sliwinski.

"Frankentrike" made by Ted Sliwinski. "I consider myself a fabricator, and I take more pride in the fabrication. The "Frankentrike" was a challenge. In true Detroit style it is made of junk, old bike frames and part of the elevator at OmniCorpDetroit. However, it works and it works well."

Today’s subject is near and dear to my heart: Bicycles. A part of almost everyones’ childhood, I hope you, wonderful reader, can remember the pure joy of being able to feel your body propel yourself out into the world. As a teenager, I was forced to take an extended hiatus from bike riding when a garage fire destroyed the light purple bike of my dreams. As a result, I used the insurance money to purchase my first brand new SLR camera, a decision that carried me all the way into this position of blogging for the Knight Foundation (so I would say it was a good one). However, once in college, the need for an easy, fast, fun, and cheap way to get around the city arose, so I headed out onto the streets with two wheels and a dream once again. Since then, I have used a bike to discover Detroit. I have pedaled hundreds of miles that have made me see the world in a completely different way.

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