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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jim Langley, Bicycle Aficionado

WRENCH (fix your bike)
Bicycles are easy and fun to fix. Everything’s right there, easy to see and figure out. With basic hand tools, you can make many common repairs. Just by riding, you can diagnose problems. And even advanced bicycle repair such aswheelbuilding is within your reach . . . (more)
Here are articles that’ll help you achieve your wrenching needs and goals. Maybe you’ll even become a pro mechanic (agreat occupation, because you can get a job anywhere, and every repair is different; be sure to read my story aboutwrenching at the world championships)! Plus, you too might land a gig as a cycling journalist (read my weekly Tech Talkcolumn).
Twenty-five Repair Articles
Click the 1938 bicycle wrenches to see the articles:
Stuff to Know
Basic Maintenance
Basic Repairs and Procedures
More Involved Repairs and Procedures
Fun Stuff

Please note that versions of a few of my how-to repair stories also appear on some bicycle-retailers’ websites and may occasionally appear on certain bicycle-club websites. They are used with my permission.


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