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Sunday, October 9, 2011

NTT DoCoMo Shared Bicycle Initiative hands-on [Engadget]

Well, NTT DoCoMo is at it again, this time dabbling in the fine art of bicycle sharing. The Japanese mobile carrier's own flavor is currently undergoing beta testing in Yokohama, just outside Tokyo, and uses a familiar kiosk system to collect and dish out bikes. Residents (and tourists with Japanese cell phone numbers) can rent bikes 30 minutes at a time for 105 Yen (about $1.40) for the first half hour, then 210 Yen for each subsequent period. You also rent bikes by the month for 1,050 Yen (about $14). Overall, this implementation doesn't appear to be different than what's already been installed in some US and European cities, but it's apparently a first for the Tokyo area.

[continue reading at Engadget]


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