PiCycle™ LTD Electric Bike only $5495

PiCycle™ Limited
PiCycle™ Limited is our premium model and transforms the already extraordinary PiCycling™ experience to a level truly sublime. Every component has been upgraded to the highest quality and offers the most responsive performance. Offering 1250 Watts of hill-flattening torque, PiCycle™ Limited Electric Bike slices the urban melee like so much butter on a steak knife. The front-mounted motor keeps the front-end down on even the steepest grades and ensures unparalleled traction on uneven or wet surfaces. PiCycle™ Limited transforms even the most dull commute into a personal thrill ride.
A long lasting lithium-ion 48 volts, 720 Watt hour battery pack is isolated for maximum durability within the aluminum monocoque. A “phase-change” sleeve is easily accessed by removing the rear wheel. This not only ensures an unparalleled level of structural rigidity but the added assurance that your battery and all other vital electronics remain safe and dry at all times.
A quick and smooth internal hub links your human powered engine via a silent and maintenance-free belt drive. Meld your human energy with the instantaneous torque of the PiCycle™ LTD’s on-demand power to enjoy a real charge out of your ride and experience this one-of-a-kind art exhibition on wheels. Remember to check traffic on your left as you pass all other cyclists politely on your right.
A suspension seat post, hydraulic disc brakes, stainless-steel spokes, double-wall black anodized aluminum rims, height adjustable handlebars, gel grips and gel saddle make riding a PiCycle™ a thrilling and luxurious experience.
Options include custom colors, racks, panniers, larger and smaller tire diameters, windscreens, a front fender, front and rear racks, NuVinci or Rohloff internal hubs, and more.