WAC considers the endorsement of bicycle hub

WAC considers the endorsement of bicycle hub

(by Sandi Latimer, staff writer - October 20, 2011) 

The Westside could receive a bike hub on the multi-purpose trail between Cleveland and Cincinnati.

The hub would be a location bicyclists or walkers can park vehicles or congregate.

Chris Haydocy, an advocate for the Westside, shared a market study with the Westland Area Commission (WAC) Oct. 19.

He said the study recommends participation in the Central Ohio Greenways Project. This project focuses on a paved trail that stretches 300 miles from Cleveland to Cincinnati.

The trail would come from southwest Franklin County and run through the Westside and north to Worthington.
Haydocy requested for WAC to write a letter of endorsement for the bike hub.

WAC member Ashley Hoye said he wanted to know the trail route before he makes a decision on supporting it. WAC President Linda Pitts said she would do some research and bring the question of support up at the Nov. 16 meeting.

According to Haydocy, Dayton, Cleveland and Cincinnati have bike hubs. Xenia celebrated its 20th anniversary as a hub this year.

“Once the bike trail is completed, you can bike to downtown or to the Darby Creek area,” Haydocy said. “Mike DeWine, when he was U.S. Senator, saw to it that $2 million was set aside for the bike trail. I checked on it the other day and it’s still there. I want to use it.”

Many such multi-purpose trails in Ohio are part of the rails-to-trail movement occupying abandoned rail beds. The Camp Chase rail bed could extend the trail into Columbus. These trails are around 8 feet wide. They are popular with bicyclists, walkers and runners.

“Thousands of bike riders used these trails daily,” Haydocy said. “The impact on the local community is that more people will get out and exercise. It can also increase the value of nearby homes as much as six percent.”
Haydocy said they are still determining the hub’s location. The market study also included plans for a RV park near Hollywood Casino.