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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bike-car accidents? Just take the bikes away. That's how they do it in Dubai [via The National]

Police seize 8,600 bikes in safety blitz

Nov 30, 2011 
DUBAI // More than 8,600 bicycles have been confiscated by traffic police this year, resulting in a sharp decline in the number of fatal accidents, authorities say.
The confiscated bicycles are sold at auction but their owners, many of whom rely on them for work, say the seizures are an overreaction.
"The police said I should not be riding my cycle on roads where cars go at more than 60kph. I didn't know that," said Bijoy Joseph, who rides daily from Jumeirah to Al Barsha.
"I just wish they didn't keep our cycles because it's very expensive for us. Buses don't take us where we need to go. Cycling is the only way we can reach places on our own."
But police said fewer accidents showed how effective the measure was.


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