Dargelos’s Lightning Vest

Dargelos’s Lightning Vest

After years of wearing a bright yellow vest while biking, cyclist Audrey Robinson decided to invent her own reflective safety garment.
“I wanted to combine everything that was lacking in that vest into one piece,” said the 32-year-old founder of Dargelos (named after the androgynous character in Jean Cocteau’s “Les Enfants Terribles”), a company she launched nearly two years ago in Brooklyn, N.Y. The old vest, she said, was unventilated and hot to wear, and it was also very conspicuous.
The result, the lightning vest, is a safety vest that can also be worn as an accessory. The vest’s reflective, custom material is lightweight, and its woven design makes it breathable and small enough to fit into a pocket. “It won’t tear—it’s very durable,” said Ms. Robinson, who currently makes every piece by hand.
“At first, sales were very international,” said Ms. Robinson, who said she had orders coming in from France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Iceland, Indonesia and Denmark.
But now she sees strong interest in the U.S.—especially New York.

Dargelos: Lightning Vest from DargelosNY on Vimeo.

The Lightning Vest is a hand-netted, highly visible safety vest made from 3M reflective ribbon that can be worn all year, day or night and layered over jackets or t-shirts. Neck opening is wide enough to pass over your helmet and netting is large enough for your hand to access pockets. The Lightning Vest is very strong, lightweight and compact enough to fit in your pocket without getting tangled.

Available now at dar-ge-los.com