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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Detours Coffee [Dry] Bag

The Coffee Bag is a tribute to Seattle’s favorite brewed beverage.  Made out of food-grade, waterproof TPU fabric, the Coffee Bag is a versatile dry bag that can be used for anything you want!  Throw in your lunch and use the two-point attach system to secure the bag just about anywhere on the bike – under the seat, on top of your your rack, or even in your water bottle cage!  Or just use it as a dray bag to toss in a pannier.  Just like there are a million ways to order your favorite coffee drink, there are a million ways to use your favorite Coffee Bag!
We’ve made five finely crafted blends, each dedicated to riding in a state we love:
  • The Evergreen Blend: ride through the forests and around Mt. Rainier in our home state of Washington.
  • The Mile High Blend: ride through the alpine wonderland of Colorado.
  • The Highway 1 Blend: ride down the Pacific Coast Highway in California.
  • The 10,000 Lakes Blend: ride through the 10,000 lakes and Twin Cities in Minnesota.
  • The Lighthouse Blend: ride along the rocky coast in Maine.


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