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Friday, November 4, 2011

Looking for deals on products? Check out Little Independent!


Founded in 2010, Little Independent is a Chicago-based online marketplace for sale items at independent retail stores. Our mission is to be an advocate for independent retailers and to give savvy shoppers an easier way to find great independent stores and sale merchandise.


My husband and I own a neighborhood bike shop in Chicago. Over the course of many months, we watched a bike helmet gather dust on the sale rack. We marked it down…then marked it down again. We showed it to customers we thought might like it. We put it out for the sidewalk sale. The helmet still wouldn’t sell. Sure, it was a bit over-sized and more expensive than others, but I knew someone out there would be happy to have it for a great price. I wished there was an easier way to reach that person.
I found fellow storeowners have the same issue. Even those that have e-commerce websites sometimes find themselves with an item that lingers too long. The available listing websites where I could reach a wider audience had high fees and complicated set-up processes. There was no inexpensive and simple-to-use online marketplace just for independent stores like mine.


As a shopper, I love stumbling upon the hidden neighborhood gems – both in Chicago and when I travel. These stores have so much charm, individuality and passion. I enjoy supporting them, but I also like the conveniences of shopping independent stores online. I decided to create Little Independent to celebrate the unique independent stores we all know and love.
We hope you enjoy Little Independent. Thank you for visiting,
Lesley Tweedie,


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