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Monday, November 28, 2011

You can do it! A Simple Six blog details one family's quest to bike around Huntington WV

Meet A Simple Six
Fall 2011
Meet the family behind A Simple Six, left to right.
  • Elliot, 7, loves his friends, video games, playing creatively and being the biggest, sweetest brother and son he can be. He’s in the second grade at Our Lady of Fatima Parish School and has cute freckles. Elliot rides a blue 20 inch Junior Viper and was born in Pullman, WA.
  • Oliver, 22m, is trying to put two words together and wants nothing more than go on a bike ride. He waves hello to everyone and smothers loves his friend Etta. Oliver prefers to sit in the iBert but can sometimes be found in the Peanut Shell or trailer. Our youngest lad of three was born here in Huntington, WV.
  • Stacy, 32, spends a lot of time in the kitchen, which includes being on the computer, cooking, scheming, and occasionally putting away clean dishes. She writes this blog and volunteers all her time for, well, everything. Stacy peddles the Yuba Mundo on most days, but when she’s flying solo she might take the MTB. She call the corn fields of Troy, OH her home.
  • Brent, 35, eats, sleeps and drinks his job at Marshall University as a new media/graphics design professor in the department of fine arts. He does it for his wife and four children and can’t imagine a better place to spend his paid time at this point in his life. Brent also paints, makes video art and can’t keep a serious face in a photo. He rides a 29 inch Cannondale something or the other. It’s black with big wheels. Brent says it was serendipity that brought him back to his birth state.
  • Avery, 4, has a moppy surfer hair cut, shadows Elliot and all his friends, longs to be the big kid and can shatter glass with his voice when he’s angry. He had Guillane Barre Syndrome just after he turned 3 and took on a full recovery. Avery has no desire to peddle himself when he can get a cushy ride on the deck of the Yuba. He was our first WV baby.
  • London, 9, is in the 4th grade and has a very free spirit. She’s a dragonologist, artist, book lover, knitter, crocheter, and favorite niece of her aunts Sara and Shannon. London has an old box-store mountain bike she really wants to either cover in stickers or paint blue. She also owns an old cruiser bike with big handle bars and stars cutout of the chain guard. Born in Columbus, OH, she lived in three states and six houses before she was five.
We are currently doing our best to bicycle everywhere we can in Huntington, WV and the surrounding area. We drive our van on average 20 miles a week, mostly to school in the morning. As a family we can be found at the grocery or reading stories in the living room. We try to make conscientious decisions that are best for the community and the planet. There is no end to our gratitude for everything and everyone and we thank you all for reading!


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