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Thursday, December 29, 2011

11.3.11 CX Racer Special Edition Tsunami Memorial

From Cielo website: 
Our distributor in Japan, Shinya Tanaka (Circles & Co, Sim Works), approached us during the summer of 2011 and pitched the idea of a Cielo CX Racer small batch series in support of the nation’s earthquake and tsunami advocacy efforts. By the end of the summer we had a concept in place and work began on the frames. Our goal was to have a portion of the frames built and delivered in time for the Nobeyama UCI Cyclocross Race in late November. The Cielo build team worked feverishly with Sim Works and Spectrum Powder Works to not only have the frames delivered in time but to also be certified as UCI competition approved. The result is a beautiful cyclocross race bike that will be a source of considerable pride for their new owners.

All profits from the sale of these bicycles will be directed to support of disaster relief in northern Japan. Further, Sim Works hopes to use these bicycles for the long-term purpose of advocacy awareness in their market. The date, 11-3-11, is prominently featured on both frame and fork not just as a reminder of the devastation of the single day but as a signal of the call to action from the great people of Japan. Cielo Cycles and Chris King Precision Components are proud to work with everyone at Circles & Co. We share their love of the bicycle and wish for the continued recovery of their nation.


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