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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MnBicycleCommuter [Blog]

From the blog: I bicycle all year in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. I commute by bicycle, I ride an Xtracycle for errands, a Surly Pugsley for snowbike rides and winter ultras, a Surly Long Haul Trucker for overnight camping and touring, and a custom hand-made lugged Ellis for pleasure rides in the country.

Here is a recent post - 

Unexpected surprise on my day off.

Unexpected snowbike ride
Two to three inches of fresh snow was the unexpected surprise. We've been having a drought with the slowest start to the winter season in 50 years. When I last checked the forecast for today it said there was a 20% of less than an inch of snow. I woke up to more than an inch. By the time I got the Pugsley out for a ride in the afternoon there was more than 2 inches. Normally two inches is nothing to get excited about. But it nearly doubled the amount of snow we've received all season. Yesterday there wasn't any snow cover left. 


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