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Monday, December 12, 2011

OSU’s bike lessons hit streets [Yay Bikes! creating positive change in Columbus]

How We Roll instructor Jenny Sherry leads fellow Ohio State students along N. High Street in the Short North on an educational tour. More than 215 students rode this fall.
Stay off the sidewalk.
With those four words and a little education mixed in, How We Roll instructor Jenny Sherry popped back her kickstand and led her cycling troop of five Ohio State University students away from the Ohio Union and into the street.
The free bike-education campaign, which began this fall, aims to introduce students to the city by getting them off campus and off sidewalks.
“The idea is to get most cyclists riding in the road,” said Sherry, an OSU graduate student and one of the program’s 12 instructors. “Most cyclists get hit while they’re riding in the sidewalk."

[continue reading at The Dispatch]

Congrats Meredith Joy and Denis de Verteuil for creating positive change in Columbus' bike scene!


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