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Monday, December 5, 2011

Portlandize, a great cycling blog! Check it out.

From his blog:
Portlandize is a blog run by Dave Feucht, an average citizen of Portland, Oregon.
There are several reasons he feels compelled to keep up this blog. He likes riding his bike around Portland. He feels other people might like it too if they tried it. He believes that bicycles are and will be an important part of the future of city transportation. He thinks Portland and its citizens may have useful insight to offer others on how to accommodate and encourage bicycling. He likes riding his bike around Portland. He likes writing. He likes taking pictures of things.
Dave lives with his wife Patrina in inner NE Portland, where they share a small apartment with two cats and a lot of cooking implements which get used on a daily basis for (usually) very tasty experimentation.
He also keeps up other online presences at:
He can be contacted with questions or answers at
Thanks for reading!


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