Seasucker Vacuum-Mount Bicycle Rack

SeaSuckers are vacuum cups, not suction cups.  There's a big difference between the two.  Our vacuum cups are bigger, which means they're stronger, so you can always count on them to keep your bike safely mounted.  The 6" SeaSucker will pull over 200lbs! That amazing strength is combined with an incredible safety feature not found on suction cups.  When a SeaSucker starts to lose vacuum (and it will lose some vacuum over time - it's not a permanent mount), it will let you know. The SeaSucker's built-in finger pump will reverse itself as it loses vacuum, exposing an orange band.  When you see orange, you don't have to take it off and lick it - just give it a couple of pumps, and then you're back to full strength.

[Seasucker website]