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Monday, December 19, 2011

STOP flats

Now, Twice as Strong
STOP Flats2 employs Advanced
Micro-Shell Technology

 New hardened outer layer provides added    protection from road debris, thorns, rim    cuts, glass, nails, and other sharp    objects. 

 Ultra-soft inner layer cushions inner tube. 

 World's most advanced Bicycle Tire Liner 

 GUARANTEED to STOP Flats from    punctures 
About STOP Flats

Ride Flat Free! STOP Flats2 is a remarkable tire liner made of durable, lightweight polyurethane. When inserted between the bike tire and tube, it provides a protective layer between road hazards and the inner tube. Thorns or glass that may penetrate the tire are blocked from the inner tube.

Proven Tough For over two decades we have been the world's leading tire liner maker with Millions upon Millions of satisfied cyclists.

Economical - STOP Flats is our economy lire Liner. It has I layer of protection.

New, Improved! - Now there are two STOP Flats. The original single ply and the new 2 ply STOP Flats2. Twice as Strong! (see side bar)

Lightweight - Weighs less than liquid fills and thorn-resistant tubes.

Recyclable - Use from bike to bike.

Adds Bike Safety - Gives bicycle a smooth, stable ride. 

Easy installation- No gooey mess. 

Absolutely, Positively - Will not cause tire or tube damage-or loosen spokes

Guaranteed! -STOP Flats and the new STOP Flats2 both comes with a FREE INNER TUBEguarantee.If you get a flat tire while using STOP Flats, or the new STOP FIats2, just return the damaged innertube and tire liner to us and we'll send you a brand new innertube and tire liner. SeeGUARANTEE for complete details.

All Sizes - STOP Flat2 Tire Liners are available to fit almost any size tire.

[Stop Flats]


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