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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Year in Review: By the numbers

1st time riding in Ashtabula OH, Carrboro - Chapel Hill - Durham NC, Kentucky, Holmes County

1st TNR in Burlington, VT
TWO official taco truck rides
2nd Circleville Pumpkin Ride
3 inches of snow with studded tires (HATTARICK ride in January 2011)
3rd Doo Dah Parade
Unofficial Triple D Challenge finisher (Suburban Critical Mass, Beat the Train, Tour de Troit)
4th GAP ride
4th Oglebay Christmas lights ride
5 flats in a seven mile ride
27 Tuesday Night Rides
55 (Paw Paw Double Nickel Ride) 2nd year
70 cyclists for Ride the Elevator

95 organized rides

140lbs - ferried Adam, the birthday boy, from Paradise Garage to private home via Yuba Mundo
200k 2nd (126 mile) brevet
160 lbs of liquid carried on Frankenbike x 3
212 miles on TOSRV
500 (almost) participants for Bike the C-Bus

Personal Mileage

230 Miles on Lemond Poprad (sold in Spring 2011)
3928 Miles on Lynskey Cooper CX
4158 Miles total


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