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Monday, January 9, 2012

Firefly Cross::Titanium

Firefly Cross::Titanium
Cyclocross is full of exaggerations, from the intensity of a cross race, to the abuse it puts on your body and bike, to the importance of minute differences in frame construction and geometry. Cross bikes have to be built to handle these demands. With 30+ years of combined experience building titanium frames, we design and build every Firefly titanium cross bike to handle these demands with ease.
We use the finest 3/2.5 titanium tubing sourced from the best aerospace tubing suppliers, tubing that sets the standard for durability. Its velvety ride soaks up the ground, leaving you fresher for longer. Every titanium frame we make is tailored to the rider, with tube diameters, wall thicknesses, butt profiles, and shapes selected specifically for you. This allows us to tune the ride to achieve your perfect combination of stiffness and comfort, whether you’re racing every weekend, commuting, or simply looking to get lost on a new dirt road.
In a sport that is filled with disposable bikes, ride one that will last a lifetime. Ride a Firefly.


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