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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Get all Tangle(d) up at Paradise Garage!

From Revelate Designs website

Tangle bags™ are adjustable, rectangular-shaped frame bags that leave room for both water bottle mounts on the frame. Designed to fit a variety of bike frames, these bags can be used for everyday riding & commuting, and really any adventure big or small. 
The main compartment features an exit port for a hydration tube or battery wire and the zippered left side pocket holds tools and maps. Attachment is made with reinforced velcro along the top tube, other attachments are made with webbing and low profile camlock buckles with strap keepers. All attachment points bartacked for strength.
Small : 15"-18" mountain bikes, or larger Aluminum frames. Some 4 bar full suspension.
             52-56cm road / cross bikes
             Top length 17", Height 4"
Medium - 17"-21" Hardtail mountain bikes & cross bikes
                Top Length 19.5", Height 4.5"
Large - 55cm- 60cm road & touring bikes.
             Top Length 21", height 6", Has 1.5" of length at the top tube.
Feel free to send an email with sizing questions.
Why Tangle? because it rhymes with rectangle and looks like one!


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