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Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Cyclist Crackdown Promised By City Council In 2012 [Gothamist]

James Vacca, chair of the City Council Transportation Committee, says he will push through tough new safety rules for cyclists in 2012 and demand strict enforcement of the current laws. In an interview with CBS 2, Vacca says, "We’ve got to make it clear that when you use a bicycle you have to go the right way on a one way street, you have to obey red lights, you have to stay off sidewalks. You have to consider motorists and pedestrians. You have to consider all users of public space in the city."
Speaking to the Post, Vacca vowed to focus on delivery cyclists, whom he says tend to be the biggest scofflaws. "Because they’re delivering and they’re in a hurry, they sometimes just flout traffic laws, and we can’t have that," the councilman told the tabloid. Last year the NYPD, acting on complaints from UES residents, orchestrated a crackdown on cyclists, particularly delivery bikers, issuing 360 summonses within a single month's time.


Unknown said...

If they do this, I don't want to hear any more bitching from motorists about why all the cyclists are on the road and not on the sidewalk.
Many motorists do not respect the cyclists on the road and believe cars are the only vehicles the road was made for.

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