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Monday, January 23, 2012

Priceonomics Lists: Most Hipster, Largest Bicycle Markets, Top Cities and more!

Excerpted from Priceonomics Blog - 
The Top Cities for Bicycling in America
Of course, we can look at the Priceonomics bicycle data more broadly to find out where lots of used bicycles are sold.  Our central assumption is that cities with large and vibrant secondhand markets should be the ones where many people are bicycling enthusiasts. While this assumption is not perfect, it’s better than most rankings of “bike friendly cities” where the rankings are just made up.
First, we look at raw volume of bicycles offered for sale by city to determine which are the largest markets. Obviously, this is biased toward larger cities where the average citizen may only have a lukewarm interest in biking.
Full list of all cities available here.
It’s very pleasing to this author that San Francisco comes in first in this ranking and beats Portland handily. However, the above analysis does not control for population and the Bay Area is much larger than the Portland metropolitan area. Instead, to build the official Priceonomics Rankings of Top Cities for Bicycling, we adjust for population to build an index of how many bikes per capita are for sale in each city (the Bike Index).
Full rankings of all cities available here.


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