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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Terry Tailwind - great bike for shorter folks

Our performance-level road bike has a slightly more aggressive frame geometry that lets women reach their full riding potential both in the peloton and on the climb. Shimano 105/FSA drivetrain, size-specific handlebar and stem.
The compact FSA Gossamer chainrings give you just enough low gears to handle hillier rides, but the high gears are high enough to keep you charging on the flats. We've tweaked things like the handlebar width, stem length and crankarm length so they're appropriate for the size of the rider.
[42 x 52 size has 650c wheels (ISO 571) front and rear]

Meet Georgena Terry
Georgena Terry
I started this company in my basement in 1985 after figuring out rather quickly that corporate life wasn't my cup of tea. Being a mechanical engineer and passionate about bicycles, I learned the fine art of bike frame building and began making bicycles for myself and friends who couldn't find bikes that fit properly. After selling out at a trade show, I quit my job at Xerox and founded Terry Precision Bicycles for Women. The engineer and entrepreneur in me saw a huge, untapped market for bikes that fit women. This was revolutionary thinking 20+ years ago -- and still is!
Today, I continue to be consumed by all things cycling and have dedicated my professional life to making Terry Precision the ultimate resource for female cyclists, whether it's products or information that can't be found anywhere else. I personally ride 6000 miles annually, testing all manner of products so if something has "georgena's choice" on it, you can be certain it's the real deal.
I feel fortunate to have hired like-minded people to work at Terry. Everyone here is committed to making our customers happy, whether it's helping select the right gear, finding the right saddle or working with a bike shop to get a Terry demo bike. I encourage you to write me at and let me know what we can do better.

[Terry website]


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