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Monday, February 6, 2012

bikeyface blog

From the blog: I started this blog in June 2011 as I was learning my way around Boston by bike- both the city streets and the bike community. It wasn’t originally meant to be a cartoon blog but more of a personal blog writing about my various two-wheeled adventures. But I’m an artist and, well, art happens.
While new to Boston, I’m not necessarily new to biking. I started bike commuting in Los Angeles in 2008 but still had a car. After I moved to Somerville in fall 2010 (and learned about snow, snow emergencies and street parking) I sold my car and started biking everywhere. Turns out biking is much easier than avoiding parking tickets.
I want Bikeyface to be as fun and enjoyable and the bike lifestyle. Sometimes it’s easy to get down about how much change is needed on our city streets. But ultimately there is a reason we bike in spite of it all and that’s what I want to capture- see this intro post for more. Also important to me is that my cartoons advocate safe bicycle riding and raise awareness of issues related to biking. (Yeah, I secretly hope I can change the world with art.)
Each image is hand drawn in sections and compiled in Photoshop. I finish drawing and touching it up it digitally using a Wacom tablet. Then I hate it and scrap it and draw something completely different at the last minute. Most drawings take an average of 1-4 hours depending on complexity and a post can take several days to finish.
Because of the time it takes to make the drawings I’m not able to post as often as I would like. I aim to post weekly but it may vary. I recommend you subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

From the Christmas Gifts section:

This last gift is for the impatient cyclist who might have a bit of a DIY streak. If you’re tired of waiting on local governments to take action you can build your own bike infrastructure right now with this gift:
My Fantasy Shopping Guide
If I had a rear rack-mounted Bike Lane Maker those Mass Ave bike lanes would be installed this afternoon.


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