Proposed Camp Chase bike hub receives the highest priority rating

CRB Editor's Note: MORPC rated the Camp Chase bike trail a high priority and not the hub. Helmet tip to Cole
The proposed Camp Chase bike hub received a score of 11.25 and a high priority rating, according to the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Committee (MORPC).
Westside and central Ohio supporters have advocated for 47 acres of vacant property along the Wilson Road parkland area to be the location of a bicycle hub and recreational station.
The Ohio to Erie Trail (OTET) will be the longest paved trail in the U.S. once it is completed. The trail connects four major cities: Cleveland, Akron, Columbus and Cincinnati.
The goal is to extend the trail north through the Westside beginning with land that runs south of Hollywood Casino.
Former U.S. Senator Mike DeWine set aside $2 million for the bike trail when he was in office.
“This is a holistic and organic plan to bring value added assets to the Westside. Recent market studies have shown that locations near nature trails increase the value of homes up to 9 percent,” said Chris Haydocy, owner of Haydocy Automotives and president of the Weston Vision group.
The 104-mile south leg from Cincinnati to within about one-mile of Hollywood Casino would be completed by the end of the year.
Weston Vision and Consider Biking are committed to revitalize and sustain growth of the Westside and continue to take the lead on advocating and gaining endorsements from local businesses and the community.
Several organizations are helping to endorse the bike hub including the Westland Area Commission, The Greater Hilltop Area Shalom Zone and United Way of Central Ohio.
Two hundred and forty miles of the 300-mile bike trail has already been paved.
“The overall reaction from the public has been positive,” Haydocy said.
The bike hub is expected to attract thousands of out-of-town tourists.
“The bike hub will not only promote healthy life choices, but will be another magnet for small businesses to locate and thrive,” said the Franklin Township Trustees endorsement.
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(by Brittany L. Browne, staff writer - February 13, 2012) Westside Messenger
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