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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Charlevoix Flavour Trail - 89 miles of food and cycling

This 143-km (89-mi.) route is born of an alliance between farm producers and restaurant chefs in the region eager to highlight products from the fertile fields of Charlevoix. Members work in close cooperation to grow, process, prepare and feature products from the Charlevoix region. Visit the Web site for full details and a map of the route.

Charlevoix’s unique products and dishes are the result of a lengthy process that involves producers and transformers. Production and transformation of local Charlevoix products is done in genuinely traditional fashion.

Bonjour Quebec site 

Many of the local flavour Craftspeople have been practicing their art for several generations. Dozens of enthusiasts develop local products which inspire even the most demanding Chefs’ creativity. 

Thus, and for over 10 years, the region’s producers and transformers have pooled their knowledge to make Charlevoix a reference in Québec’s farm produce industry. 

Discover the Trail’s fruits, vegetables and various meats, as well as transformed products such as ciders, beers, pâtés, cheeses, spices, chocolates and much more …

We’re waiting for you!

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