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Monday, February 13, 2012

Chicago: Streets for Cycling Plan 2020

Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 Area Maps and City Sections:

Chicago Area Map

Below are maps for all of the nine City sections, please click a thumbnail to see the full section.
These maps show streets that can currently accommodate protected bike lanes based on existing lane width, motor vehicle traffic and on-street parking characteristics. The roadways displayed are for discussion purposes only and the protected bike lanes have not been planned, designed, or approved by CDOT. These are NOT network maps and protected bike lanes will NOT be considered for all roadways displayed here as part of the final network.
Additional streets not identified on these maps will be considered for protected bike lanes and will be included in the final network. A considerable amount of analysis and fieldwork will be completed to identify the final network
for the Streets for Cycling Plan 2020.
Where else would you like to see protected bike lanes? Please email at streetsforcycling2020 at gmail dot com.
South Side MapSoutheast MapFar South Side Map
Southwest MapMid-Southwest MapWest Side Map
Northwest MapNorth Side MapCentral Map

[See more of the plan here] Lots of protected cycling lanes.


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