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Friday, February 24, 2012

Columbus Parks and Recs Future Trails

Columbus Recreation and Parks is embarking on a new, exciting and aggressive plan for the creation or future biking and walking trails in the Columbus area.  The Bicentennial Bikeways Plan, adopted in May 2008, provides a new vision of transportation, recreation and quality of life for the citizens of Columbus.  On the heels of this progressive plan came “Bicycling” Magazines naming of Columbus as “New Best City for Cycling” in their June 2008 edition.  In conjunction with the City’s Green Initiative and the Commit to be Fit Program, Columbus has the opportunity and the ability to vastly improve the city’s trail systems.  Columbus Recreation and Parks is striving to not only beautify Columbus, but to enhance the quality of life of the city’s residents as well.



Alum Creek Trail Final Segments

West Side Trail Projects 2011

Trails Map


Anonymous said...

The posted Alum Creek Greenways Trail map along with timelimes are out-of-date! Please when can this be updated to reflect latest changes and more realistic timing plans? WHY can't the ~1/2 mile missing link - between Easton soccer fields and far north end of Innis Park - be completed by going through the eastern side of Columbus's already owned Champions Golf Course property!? WHY is city wasting more time & public monies with trying to acquire private property right-of-way easement from residential homes along west side of Sunbury Road?

Columbus Rides Bikes said...

They are pulled directly from the Parks and Rec website. If you click the link you will see the city is way behind on updating the maps.

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