Have you looked at the City of Columbus (OH) Bikeways Master Plan

These plans are from the Alta website working in conjunction with the City of Columbus, MORPC and Burgess and Niple.

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 Final Plan and Maps

Final Bicentennial Bikeways Plan (May 2008)  

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Figure 5-2: Existing and Proposed Bicycle Network

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Figure 5-3: Existing and Proposed Bicycle Network: Downtown Columbus

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Figure 7-1: Columbus Phased Implementation Plan  

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Maps Shown at Bike To Work Day 2008

Existing Bikeways: Downtown Columbus December 2007  

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Existing Bicycle Network December 2007

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Proposed Bikeways: Downtown Columbus 2008-2012  

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Proposed Bicycle Facilities 2008-2013  

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Michael B. Coleman
City Council
Michael C. Mentel
Kevin L. Boyce
Hearcel F. Craig
Andrew J. Ginther Maryellen O’Shaughnessy Charleta B. Tavares Priscilla R. Tyson

Technical Advisory Group
Bernice Cage, MORPC
Dale Hooper, City of Columbus
Bill Lewis, City of Columbus
Nick Popa, City of Columbus
Steve Studenmund, Metro Parks
Steve Tweed, City of Columbus
Steve Volkmann, The Ohio State University Bradley Westall, City of Columbus
Kevin Wheeler, City of Columbus

Consultant Team
Burgess & Niple: Brian Moore
Alta Planning + Design: Jeff Olson, Principal; Lauren Buckland, Associate 

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