The Jiggernaut - build your own frame!


Thanks for checking out our project!  We are excited to bring you a great DIY frame building product.  
The Jiggernaut is an affordable bicycle frame jig that enables anyone to build a high-quality, custom bicycle.   
A frame jig is an essential tool for building bike frames.  There are some jigs on the market today, but most are designed with the production builder in mind and are well beyond the budget of the average person that just wants get started in bicycle building.  We didn’t want this hurdle to stand in the way any longer. We have designed and built a high-quality frame jig that is affordable to anyone wanting to try their hand at frame building.   
The Jiggernaut begins life as a half sheet of ¾” thick MDF and is CNC routed into an easily assembled, lightweight jig that can be packed flat for shipping.  
Once unpacked, the jig is transformed into a 3D structure using the included fasteners.The jig is highly adjustable and can accommodate most types of frame geometries and tube sizes. 
To make building a frame even easier we offer kits that include not only The Jiggernaut, but a tube set and accessories to build a beautiful lugged bicycle with track dropouts or a mountain bike. 
The best part is, when building your own bike the possibilities for customization are endless.  Want decorative lugs?  Carve them up to your heart’s content.  Thirsty?  Solder on as many water bottle bosses as you want. Looking for the perfect fit?  Now you can have it.  
We want to make this product a reality for every aspiring frame builder but we can’t do it without you.  We hope you choose to support the project and help spread the word that 'Made in America' is back. Thank you!