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Sunday, February 5, 2012

kLite Bar Set

Includes Postage Australia Wide

A 'weight weenies' dream come true.

Burns 5 Hours* Charge 1 Hour**

Why not order yours TODAY.
Klite Specs:
    Output: 1100lm.
    Bar light weight: 75g.
    Bar light and 1.6Ahr battery weight: 278g
Computer controlled interface:
    3 mode High/Med/Low power settings.
    3 mode Flash High/Med/Low power settings.
    3 level low voltage warning, main LED and Red switch light.
    Low voltage shutdown.
    LED thermal overload protection.
    kLite 1100lm for 2.5hr w 203g battery
    kLite 579lm for 5hr w 203g battery
    kLite 303lm for 10hr w 203g battery
Battery specs:
    High discharge 25-30c 14.8v Lithium polymer.
    On-board PCM protection.
    High/Low voltage cutoff.
    Over current protection.
    Short circuit protection.
Battery weight:
    1.0Ahr 121g
    1.6Ahr 203g
    2.2Ahr 262g
    1 year on battery.
    1 year on 240-12v power supply.
    2 years on LEDs.
    2 years on charger.
    2 years on light body.
Waterproof light housing with O-ring sealing. Waterproof battery pack, seam sealed against water and dust ingress.
*5 hours on medium setting @ 579 lumens. Max output 1100 lumens.
** Standard charge or 45 mins quick charge.
Price includes:
1x bar light + clamp
1x 1.6Ah 14.8v Lipo battery
1x 12v digital charger
1x 240v-12v 5A power supply
1x 12v car charger lead

Made in Australia.


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