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Monday, February 13, 2012

Rotwild R.T1 Hybrid


The ROTWILD T1 hybrid bikes are our new approach to the mobility technology. Based on our T1 models we created two new ROTWILD pedelecs with the latest generation of a high tech drive. The T1 hybrid opens up new dimensions as an E-Bike and is not only bicycle but also means of transport at the same time. Whether on relaxed

routes, for fitness use, or on the daily way to work, with the T1 Hybrid you are riding in a sportive manner almost anywhere on- and off-road. In co-operation with the manufacturer BOSCH ROTWILD developed an innovative E-Bike concept, which opens up completely new possibilities, promoting the rider faster and with less effort.


The controlling of the BOSCH drive unit is done by the control unit fastened directly in grasp width (HMI - human interfaces). Here the most important information can be read, such as the current speed, average speed, ridden distance, charge of the battery, and the adjusted engine support mode (assistance mode). Four different

support modes can be used for riding – route, eco, sport and speed. The strength of the engine assistance (level) within the four modes can be adapted in three stages, in order to adapt the drive to the riding conditions. In addition, it is possible to operate the entire unit in the OFF mode (without engine support - fail-safe).


The HMI is connected to the so called Drive Unit by a modern CAN-Bus system. The unit consists of a completely new developed, highly efficient 250 W engine with gearbox, and an electronic control unit (ECU). The light and torque-strong high performance engine maximises the range and offers a high torque and a reliable support

over the entire speed range up to 25 km/h. The ECU receives information from three different sensors (torque crank, cadence, and speed), which are integrated in the overall system of the drive unit and which at any time (analysis takes place 200 times per second) can illustrate actual riding condition.


The power supply of the entire drive unit is made by a completely new developed 36V/8 Ah battery power pack with a total output of 288 Wh. With the help of the integrated battery management system (BMS) each particular out of the 40, 18-650 type cells, based on lithium ions technology, is constantly supervised during the use and the loading

procedure and therefore guarantees an optimal life span of the cells. The loading cycle is made by a separate high speed battery charger with which the battery can be charged up to 80 % within 90 minutes - after 2,5 hours the complete loading procedure is completed to 100%.


For the first time most modern control electronics from the automotive industry is being used for the drive unit of a pedelec system. Via the CAN-Bus system all building groups within the drive system communicate with one another (HMI, sensors, battery and

drive unit) and supervise the operation of the drive unit during the use. At the same time this system offers the possibility of an exact error analysis. Over the HMI error codes can be made visible visually and/or be uploaded onto a notebook via interface.


For fast and at the same time relaxed bike journeys, just as for pleasure-oriented riding or for the daily way to work, which in the future you would rather like to cover by bike. The T1 hybrid unites the intelligent performance of the new propulsion principle with

high functionality for long distances, and is the perfect partner in the city, if you once more face stop-and-go traffic. And with its drive support it noticeably eases riding uphill and against head wind.


To the T1 hybrid 29 the road is only one possibility: Whether on forest tracks, gravel roads, or some root section. The T1 hybrid 29 offers a high off-road capability and ensures, as true sports equipment with low weight, a new experience also off-road. With sovereign acceleration even in steeper uphills. For the T1 hybrid genuine mountain bike technology is used, which secures optimal

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functionality also off-road. The FOX suspension fork 29” with 80 mm of suspension travel provides a lot of traction, the disc brakes provide reliable brake control at any time. As for all T1 models lighting systems, mud guards, a rack and a side stand can be installed to the particular mountings.


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