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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We Need 'Broken Windows' for Traffic Crimes [The Atlantic]


  • FEB 17, 2012
We Need 'Broken Windows' for Traffic Crimes
These four words: “No criminality was suspected.”

The phrase is a mantra of sorts when it comes to the New York Police Department and traffic fatalities involving pedestrians and bicyclists. Run a red light and kill somebody? Speed and kill somebody? Fail to yield in a crosswalk and kill somebody? You might get a summons for a moving violation. But hey, “no criminality was suspected,” and so you, the driver, don’t have to worry about any further consequences.
The running joke on blogs like Gothamist and Streetsblog is that if you want to kill somebody in New York and get away with it, a car should be your weapon of choice. And for years, it seemed like no one in government was ever going to challenge that status quo.


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