7 Simple Stretches for Cyclists [Active]

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There are many types of stretches and most are good, if done correctly. The main cycling stretches focus on the lower body.
Reading a stretching manual or following an experienced person is the best way to learn the best form.
"Even if you're obsessed with cycling, you still do more than ride, Anderson writes. If you run, play other sports, or just sit at a desk all day, stretching helps protect you from injury and dissipates tension, says Bob Anderson in his definitive book, Stretching.
Standing with your feet pointed straight ahead, step forward with your right leg and bend your knee, keeping your left foot firmly planted on the ground behind you.
Keep your upper-body erect and drop your hips forward until you feel the stretch in your calf (dont bend over at the waist use your hips to move) Hold for 15-30 seconds, then rotate.