Alfine Di2: Shimano introduces electronic shifting to city cycling [Cool Hunting]

Originally developed to build on Shimano's top level component group Dura Ace, the Di2 electronic shifting system changed the roadie game with unmatched speed, accuracy and precision. Now with its third iteration, Di2 makes its debut for internal gearing systems by joining Alfine, Shimano's premium-level component group for city cycling. The Alfine Di2 Shimano introduces a whole new way of thinking about how a commuter bike can be built.
Like traditional internal hubs, the Alfine Di2 internal mechanism is made up of a series of stepped planetary cogs in an oil bath that when engaged replicate the resistance of multiple high or low gears. Rather than relying on wires physically pulled at different forces to leverage gear change, Di2 releases a burst of electricity that engages a small, light weight motor mounted on the outside of the hub, increasing reliability and performance while decreasing the chance of mis-shifts.

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