Ass Savers: Got you covered


We are five designers based out of Gothenburg, arguably the wettest city in all of Sweden. We also have unimaginably tiny satellite offices in Amsterdam (seriously tiny) and San Francisco (moderately tiny).
Sadly or gladly, none of us has matured past the point of twelve year old boys when we saw the world brought to life as we frenetically propelled ourselves as fast as we could down the streets. It’s out of these memories of this pedal-powered love that we create products to celebrate and encourage the joy of biking.
It is also our belief that we have an obligation to design responsibly to protect the environment as much as we can. You won’t find nasty materials or unnecessary packaging on any Ass Savers product, just read our view on the environment to see how serious we are about saving your ass and the earth’s at the same time.

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