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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bike & Roll: The Best Way to Tour New York City!


Bike the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway
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The Manhattan Waterfront Greenway is a continuous dedicated bike path circuit that extends around the entire island of Manhattan, and is part of the Hudson River Valley Greenway that extends north to Albany. It offers a safe and easy way to get up close and personal with the city's best sites. Most of the circuit is car-free; all of it is fun, offering a relaxed riding atmosphere for bikers of all ages and experience levels.
The Manhattan Waterfront Greenway encompasses a bountiful assortment of famous parks and destinations, including Hudson River Park, The Battery, Governors Island, Brooklyn Bridge Park, East River Waterfront Esplanade, Ellis Island, Liberty Island, and Liberty State Park. These parks include museums, art exhibits, boat tours, bike tours, restaurants, historical buildings, and famous landmarks. Most of the waterfront parks are accessible by bike along the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway or by water transit within the waterways.
As a coastal route, the Greenway provides convenient access to water transit, allowing riders to connect to all five New York City boroughs and the Manhattan waterfront park system by bike. Most Bike and Roll locations are near NY Water Taxi landings.
Bike and Roll is America's premier bicycle rental and tour company, serving thousands of satisfied customers each year. Bike and Roll was established in 2001, and operates locations in San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Miami Beach and Washington D.C, with plans to expand into other cities and parks throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.
Bike and Roll's success is based on a simple philosophy: We want our customers to have fun! We achieve this objective by:
  • Offering only safe, top-of-the-line rental equipment
  • Meticulously planning and organizing our rides and tours
  • Consistently providing outstanding customer service
Biking keeps us young in spirit! And there is no better way to get around, see new things, and stay healthy and active.
The perfect way to explore New York City is on a bike. Bike and Roll supplies free maps for its many self-guided tours, along with supplies, equipment and all the assistance you will need to explore New York City on your own or with your family and friends. Whether it's a trip across the Brooklyn Bridge, biking the Greenway, exploring Governor's Island, or hopping on and hopping off all round the City, Bike and Roll will provide the equipment and expertise to make your outing fun, safe, and memorable.
Bike and Roll is a "green" company, helping the Earth's environment by encouraging alternative, safe and healthy modes of transportation. Make a reservation to explore the many facets of New York City on your own, at your pace, and with a Bike and Roll bike.
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