Black Mountain Cycles Monster Cross

bmc 001
Monster Cross
A cyclocross bike on steroids?.  Well, actually, just the wheels.  It could be called a 28”er.  Designed to accept 700cx45 tires, the Monster Cross bike is the “if-you-can-only-have-one-to-do-it-all” bike.  Fit it with 37mm touring tires and head out for a week on the road.  Throw on some 45mm knobbies and hit the trails.  This is the bike I like to pedal to cover Marin’s multitude of paved roads and fire roads.  I can leave my house, cover 10 road miles and then roll through the hills on dirt before catching another paved road home.  The perfect mixed-terrain friend.  Old school horizontal dropouts will let you easily run it as a single-speed too.

You can get your Monster Cross frame in either brown or orange.  The brown color has a subtle hint of pearl or metallic sparkle to it.  Too subtle to properly highlight in a photo.  As of February 10, 2011, the orange cross bike is sold out in 56cm, 59cm, and 62cm sizes. For more information, check out the frame information page with more technical info.