Cobbworks Panniers from OlyBikes

Cobbworks panniers are made locally in Olympia, out of 95% recycled materials. They look weird compared to most panniers, but are affordable, durable and have many uses. Not the best forhauling books due to their dimensions, but otherwise great panniers. Visit us and you'll see scores of them (sightings around Portland and Seattle not uncommon either).

Oysterbucket Panniers

  • Sturdy: constructed of high density polyethylene, with stainless steel and aluminum mounting hardware.
  • Waterproof: inside and out -- take pet goldfish for a ride!
  • Roomy: each bucket has a 4 gallon capacity. Inside dimensions are a 9"X9" square at top, tapering to a 8.25"X8.25" square at bottom, by 13" in height.
  • Lightweight: 5lbs., 3oz (2355 grams) per pair.
  • Easy to Use: nylon webbing straps enable easy loading/unloading of pannier and lid removal. They also have a comfy carrying handle for off-bike transport.
  • Smart: buckets mount flush with racks to allow further cargo loading, and are compatible with most racks. Hardware is stainless steel and aluminum (wont rust). All stickers (amber front, and side logo panels, and red rear-facing panel) are reflective Scotchlite.Labels/look of pannier subject to change without notice.
  • Versatile: buckets are available with or without S-hooks to adapt them to racks regardless ofwhether or not the rack has "lower mount prongs". When it doubt, get buckets WITH s-hooks.
  • Upgradeable: Cobbworks offers several options for upgrading buckets to make them even more useful. By far the best option are the Expedition Straps -- money very well spent!

"But does that Scotchlite really do anything?"
Click here to find out.