Coyle Design and Build - Wooden Bicycle Helmets

Welcome to our page and thanks for taking the time to check us out. I am the guy who began this project and am hoping that sharing the beginnings of it here will both get folks excited and educated about what we do as well as giving us a way to access feedback that will make it possible for us to do good work.

We make helmets for various outdoor adventure sports. And this is about what sets us apa...rt. Our patent pending products are:

Hand built
Shells are built from beautiful local and exotic woods
Truly custom built to orders (type of wood, engravings, styles/shapes etc.)
Made in Oregon

In the future we will add more photos and info on our upcoming website, safety and performance issues, videos, developing products and stories.

Thanks, please let us know what you think, especially if it can make us better.

Dan Coyle

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